Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Junior Worlds Predictions


Gold: Han Yan- He has the most difficult program technically and he has the artistry to match. His consistency  was an issue at the Jr GP Final. His podium placement could well be determine on how his quad affects the rest of his program.  I believe he will have it together here and win for China.

Silver: Joshua Farris- If he skates clean he has the goods to take gold if Yan or Brown make mistakes. He had a bad performance at US Nationals. He will have fire in his belly to comeback and skate to his potential here. I wish him good luck.

Bronze: Jason Brown- Love his skating. I will be curious to see if he puts in the triple axel or not. He has the best transitions and a complete program for his short and long. A triple axel can insure him the gold along with the PC's lead he will have. Without the triple axel he will need to rely on the mistakes of others to take gold, just like at the Jr GP Final

Dark Horse Denis Ten: First of all I don't think he should be competing here. He should be focusing on World's. He's been lacking consistency and just had a half way decent performance at 4CC. I have no idea what expect. He could be first or fifth.


Gold: Julia Lipnitskaia; She has won everything during the Jr GP series is the most consistent of the jr ladies. Has a solid triple -triple and amazing show of flexibility. This is hers to take.

Silver: Gracie Gold: She only had one Jr GP event but solidly won gold with her huge jumps. She lacks a bit in presentation. She did really well at Nationals and should do well here. Lack of international experience is the only thing keeping her from gold.

Bronze: Adelina Sodnikova: She been having trouble this year with her jumps. She should be able to do enough for bronze. If  she doesn't Polina Shelepen will be there

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